Top 10 Shows of the 60s & 70s – Part 1

In this three-part article about the top shows of decades past, we reminisce about the top 10 shows of the 60s and 70s.  If you grew up during these decades, this list will certainly bring back memories.  You can find reruns of many of these shows playing on  local satellite TV.

1. Star Trek – The pop culture impact of this 1960s TV show spurred five spin-off series, games, books, movies, and even a trading card game.  Diehard fans of Star Trek still enjoy looking back to the franchise’s humble beginnings, which required a letter-writing effort by Trekkies to prevent the show’s cancellation in its second season.

2. The Andy Griffith Show – This show takes place in the small town of Mayberry, which is protected by Sheriff Andy Taylor, a widower with a young son named Opie.  Comedic genius Don Knotts as Deputy Barney Fife adds to the enjoyable nature of this classic.

3. Bonanza – While all Westerns are about action, Bonanza focuses more on a family running a ranch in Nevada.  Ben Cartwright was widowed three times and has been left with three sons—Adam, Hoss, and Little Joe.  The clashing personalities of Ben’s boys make the show one worth remembering.

4. The Dick Van Dyke Show – This show is about a TV writer, so it’s logical that it should feature excellent writing.  Rob Petrie, played by Van Dyke, and his wife Laura, played by Mary Tyler Moore, make the perfect pair in this memorable 1960s TV show.

5. The Twilight Zone – Critics and viewers alike loved this show when it aired from 1959-1964.  The series inspired future generations of the best writers in television, including Joss Whedon and J.J. Abrams.

6. The Brady Bunch – Nearly everyone is familiar with the catchy theme song and opening credits from the Brady Bunch.  From the colorful garb that screams 1970s to the crises that are always solved in 30-minute episodes, everyone wants to be a member of the Brady family.

7. Columbo – The seemingly cluelessness nature of Detective Columbo is part of what makes his crime solving abilities so entertaining in this 1970s classic.  Future hits like “Monk” and “Law & Order” were certainly inspired by this series.

8. The Bob Newhart Show – Bob Hartley, played by Newhart, has a laidback personality—which is the opposite of those around him—in this sitcom that made Saturday nights worth staying home for in the 70s.

9. M*A*S*H – The Korean War was no laughing matter, but the doctors and nurses of 4077th could sure make it funny.  This show ran into the 80s, but it primarily ran through the 70s.

10. All in the Family – With a wealth of Emmys under its belt, this show spurred several well-known catchphrases like “meathead” and “dingbat.”  Groundbreaking storylines like breast cancer, racism, and women’s rights, made it last in people’s memories as well.

With Dish Network or DIRECTV, you can enjoy these top 10 shows from yesteryear.  Don’t delay reliving your childhood TV memories.

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